Yonex Center Info
For an Off Peak session of 60 minutes you pay two credits. Peak is 3 credits per 60 minutes and super peak will set you down three credits for 45 minutes. These Off-Peak - Peak periods can be found in the color codes when booking. A credit will cost between € 5 and € 6 depending on the subscription (see packs in reservation).

There is no membership.   Everybody that wants to make a reservation is welcome.  We will keep your login details in our reservation tool.  This is convenient for future reservations and for safeguarding your credits.  

Opening hours 24/7
The Yonex Center is open 24 hours on 24 and 7 days on 7. Usually there will not be any staff present/available. Changing rooms and showers are free to use. You should leave the Yonex Center within one hour after the end of your session.

Night Birds
Night Birds can reserve after a personal meeting and registration. Please contact via badminton@yonexcenter.b

If you have made a reservation and due to an inconvenience or other reason you cannot play, we use the following cancellation policy:
• 48 hours or more before reservation: All credits are returned
• 24h to 48h before reservation: One credit is returned
• 0h to 24h for reservation: No refunded credit (s)
House rules
By following a few rules, we can optimize the enjoyment of the Yonex Center for all players. The absence of staff requires self-discipline from everyone. Our wood flooring requires special care and attention.
When accessing the Yonex Center you declare yourself bound by these house rules:
  • The wood floor is very easily scratched by sand or debris that sticks to the shoes. It is must to wear appropriate and clean indoor sports shoes; The soles must be in natural color and shall leave no streaks (non-marking soles!) With these shoes you cannot run outside (not even from the parking lot to inside) In case of doubt - please contact the Yonex Center.
  • Drinks may only be carried in a sealed bottle on the courts. In case drinks are spilled, please dry the surface immediately.
  • Smoking and the use and / or distribution of illegal substances is strictly prohibited.
  • Food items are not allowed on the courts.
  • Pets are not allowed
  • The Yonex Center must be vacated one hour after the end of your session.
  • Use equipment only for the designated purposes; The courtss are only intended for badminton.
  • Sales and / or promotional activities, parties or celebrations are not allowed without permission from the Yonex Center.
  • A maximum of 4 people are allowed per session in the same reservation.
  • Yonex Center cannot be held responsible for clothing or other property the remains unattended in the changing rooms.
  • Please dry yourself off in the wet part of the locker room.
  • The Yonex Center is not responsible for loss, damage and / or theft of your property and / or injuries in and around the Yonex Center. Yonex Center cannot be held responsible as such.
  • Unwanted and / or desired harassment are not tolerated at the Yonex Center and if necessary breaking these house rules will be reported to the police.
  • Indications of staff must always be strictly followed
  • There is 24/7 camera surveillance in and around the Yonex Center (except in the changing rooms)
  • The Yonex Center reserves the right to temporarily or permanently deny access to any person.
  • Social control is important; In case you notice any damage or inappropriate behavior please contact the Yonex Center immediately.